Gas Leak Detection

Rotary Leak Detection

  • Anomaly Reporting – as per AER requirements

    • Pipeline Leaks – Reported Immediately

    • Exposed Pipe – Reported Immediately

    • Erosion – Reported Immediately

    • Third Party Activity

    • Vegetation

    • Signage (When visible)

    • ROW Encroachments

  • GPS flight tracking

  • GIS services – mapping, pipeline risk analysis

  • As well as an additions peace of mind of the leak detection for hydrocarbons.

  • Detailed Anomaly Reporting

  • Detailed flight track with associated methane levels

  • Methane spikes labelled and geolocated

Synergy works with the Boreal Laser Gas Leak Detection system. This system is a portable, fibre coupled gas analyzer which combines a mounted probe and GPS technology to create a mobile system for leak detection. This gives our clients the peace of mind on top of the already great service that our experienced team provides. http://www.boreallaser.com/