Gas Leak Detection

The boreal Laser Gas Leak system is a portable aircraft mounted system that couples a gas analysis probe with proprietary GPS technology to create a mobile system for leak detection. This system is available with our rotary-wing fleet and coming soon to fixed-wing.

Boreal Laser GLD

Laser-based gas sensor technology is a beneficial tool for detecting and quantifying polluting gases such as carbon dioxide or methane, owing to some key advantages.

  • The presence of gas produces a current between two electrodes. The current intensity is measured and translates to a gas concentration level.
  • Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), including single-pass, dual-pass and multi-pass cells.
  • The absorption technology ensures precise gas recognition, eliminating the potential for false alarms, representing a real issue with other gas detection technologies.
  • Methane spikes labelled and geolocated
  • Area/field methane mapping (+2 ppm)

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