Specialized Surveys and Services

Specialized in-house GIS technicians, geologists, engineers and industry partners provide our clients with a wide array of geomatic services.

UAV Remote Sensing

UAV-based LiDAR, thermal anomaly and gas detection. Remote HD video.


Survey used to capture detailed bare earth topography and above-ground features.

3D Modeling

High accuracy 3D models developed through LiDAR or photogrammetry.

Spectral Imaging

The spectroscopic information tells us about the chemical makeup at the individual points of the image, allowing a chemical map of the imaged area to be produced.

Ortho-Mosaic Mapping

Stitched HD photos of pipeline ROW or remote locations.

Fugitive Gas Surveys & Emissions Mapping

Boreal GLD to determine fugitive gas emissions over fields or sites

Slope Analysis & Landslide Susceptibility

Utilizing LiDAR and GIS slope analysis to identify and monitor ground movement on-site or ROW.

Terrain & Volumes

Specialized GIS software, automated machine learning, and baseline surveys are analyzed to produce detailed terrain reports.

Custom GIS Consulting

Synergy has developed the proprietary AIRS3 portal to allow its clients safe and efficient access to all information collected on patrol. AIRS3 provides patrol details, an interactive map of anomalies, HD images and video, patrol reports with alerts and notifications.

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