Pipeline Surveillance

Asset Integrity Monitoring

Hd Visual

With a flyover visual inspection, we report any anomalies, including leaks, exposed pipe, vegetation, erosion, third party activity, and signage. With GPS flight tracking. We can pinpoint locate the anomaly and report it with aerial photos.

Thermal Infrared

High-resolution infrared cameras and thermal videos provide the ability to identify anomalies otherwise undetected by visual inspection. Geo-referenced images or videos allow for immediate detection and precise locating of anomalies.

Gas Leak Detection

The Boreal Laser Gas Leak Detection System is a portable aircraft mounted system that couples a gas analysis probe with proprietary GPS technology to create a mobile system for leak detection.


Bare Earth photography and above ground features.

Fugitive Gas Surveys

Boreal Gas Leak Detection unit used to detect fugitive gas emissions over a field or site.

Custom Services

Contact us to build a custom package of exactly what you need to monitor your assets.

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