Thermal Infrared

FLIR Infrared Thermal
High-resolution camera and video
Geospatially encoded for precise anomaly location
Ability to detect 2.0°C temp variance

FLIR Infrared Thermal

Synergy Aviation has developed our own software and technology in infrared. We are proud to be on the leading edge of the newest and latest technologies with pipeline integrity.

With thermal infrared cameras, we can sense an energy that has much larger wavelengths than visible light. We can detect tiny differences in heat as small as <2.0°C and display them as a shade of grey or with different colour palettes.

Everything in our day to day lives gives off thermal energy. When two objects have even subtly different heat signatures, they show up quite clearly to thermal sensors regardless of lighting conditions—this allows the thermal camera to see in complete darkness or smoke-filled environments.

Add FLIR thermal to your HD visual inspection and GLD for the suite! FLIR thermal is currently available with our rotary-wing fleet and coming soon to our fixed-wing aircraft.

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